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Who We Are

Sri Vasudha Info Systems is dedicated to providing software products & services for Healthcare industry both in India and overseas. Our primary goal is to deliver cost-effective, world class IT solutions in areas of Patient care, Hospital Management and Healthcare Analytics.

We are extremely proud to be associated with an eminent panel of Doctors and Research specialists who have guided us to develop our flagship product, HEALINS Healthcare Information Management System.

We are geared up to introduce a wide range of additional offerings including mobility applications designed to deliver enhanced experience for doctors, patients and hospital administration alike.

Owing to our customer centric approach, our customers derive maximum benefits in terms of cost-of-ownership, quality of delivery and enhanced returns on investment.

Our mission and vision is to transform healthcare management and delivery through people, processes and technology. We help healthcare delivery organizations to effectively manage resources, recruit and retain the best people, meet compliance objectives and gain quantifiable insights into healthcare delivery through a range of state-of-the-art cutting edge Products, Platforms and Analytical tools that will form part of our Healins.

We strive to become a World Class Organization that is admired for delivering total customer satisfaction.

Healins Studio is built taking valuable inputs from industry veterans, doctors and research scholars with deep domain knowledge and with singular focus to provide a robust, feature rich solution platform that delivers value to all stakeholders. Healins advantages are:
• Comprehensiveness that spans administrative aspects to clinical processes

• Support for standards and guidelines

• Continuous enhancements, upgrades and additions to the product stack

• Detailed configuration, suitability of function wise roll-out

• Published roadmap to cover the evolving needs

What is Healins

Healins HIMS: Fully Integrated System
HEALINS connects departments and functions in a hospital or clinical setup. Patient care is delivered at various service points, and all the information needs to be consolidated in the medical records. HEALINS provides each function with following capabilities: sharing information, tracking & closing activities, scheduling resources, alerts and notifications by certain events Each function becomes part of a well-coordinated workflow by responding to the events in other functions.
A typical example is as follows:
• Provider order entry is received at billing
• Billed services will generate automatic orders for Labs & Pharmacies & theatres
• Services are delivered at respective service points: OT, Labs, Injection Rooms, Consultations etc
• Management gets consolidated reports on effective delivery capability

Healins IVF

• An Integrated information management system for fertility centers, aimed at improving overall productivity, quality of care and compliance to standards
• Based on a broader platform that can take care of an enterprise chain of clinics and hospitals
• Developed and Continuously Enriched by inputs from Fertility Specialists

Chain of Hospitals

• HEALINS supports hospital chain, right out of the box. Branch specific departments, people & service configurations, pricing and packaging structures, access control
• Facilitates controlled & customized sharing of information between branches for coordinated care delivery
• Provides consolidated view across all branches to the top management
• Helps in enterprise level standardization to customization at branch level


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